Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our Lady of Cheese -Parte due (2)

Everyone looks like a movie star in Sicily. Everyone.

Choosing to dine in the village that evening, we took a cab from our hotel to Cefalu' knowing we would never find parking place as there was a huge Sorbet Festival that going on in town -As we heaped ourselves into the cab -and after seeing the bellicose young driver- I chose to ride in the front. His eyes were turquoise like a Siamese tomcat and were rimmed with thick black lashes like a Shetland pony. Large of limb and full of lip, his perfect features were framed by a knitted cap that accented his face like a simple frame on a Caravaggio. Hats are destiny you know... He looked like a actor from one of those 60's movies that would slip LSD in your burger and take advantage of you on his Harley, but in a really really hot way.
As we were bouncing along, Mr. Moose and Rose' were the ones making small talk with the driver, as I had been reduced to a moist dolcelatte- I wondered what it would take to win a date with pony-boy? I thought about slipping him a hundred Euro and a room key, but ugh, nothing could be more American.
Hmm... perhaps a teensy bottle of chloroform and some sturdy restraints? Nope, far too Sicilian. Just then, Rose' leaned forward to ask if he could come to the hotel the following morning to carry her to Mass at the Duomo- Ah! Maybe Rose' could put in a good word for me!
Then I thought it over and resolved that that was far too "Suddenly Last Summer" Ewww...

Knowing one should never rush the Muse, I returned to my quiet solace, naming the veins on his large hands after the great rivers of the world.
At that very moment, Mr. Moose popped me on the back of the head with what I swear was a wooden spoon saying, "ArrĂȘtez la flamme, fille." (Where did he get the spoon I wonder? Like every boy with an Italian Grandmother I have a natural aversion to wooden spoons .)

His love tap smacked some sense into me, what was I thinking? Why "Toy with a catnip mouse when you have a large booda bone in your paws already"? Who said that by the way? Plutarch? Look it up.... I am absolutely devoted to obtuse facts and figures. While I'm asking, who said "A man will choose a wife in a light more dim than he would choose a suit in." Was that Maurice Chevalier or me?

By the way, did you know the first cinema in Paris was Notre Dame Cathedral? Well you do now. Did you know that Eskimos have eleven different words for the color white? You didn't?
How about the fact Peruvians have eighty different words for potato and not one for madcap? I know, its baffling!
The evening was wonderful, the medieval city was buoyant with lovers young and old. We had a marvelous dinner at the Chat Noir served by identical twins, the sons of the owner, whose big movie star smiles were as brilliant as the restaurant fare. After dinner while waiting for the taxi to arrive, we were treated to a bottle of lemon cello by the twins, I thought about asking for a doggie-bag, either for the hooch or the twins, but as I caught the lusty look in Mr. Moose's eye I realized my previously full plate was about to be joined by desert.

And now a drink to match the mood!

Bad Acid Trip!
Very popular twist on a "grateful dead" that tastes and looks awesome dude!_________________________________________________________________

1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur

1/2 oz coconut rum

1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz vodka

1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur

sweet and sour mix
Fill collins glass with ice and add Midori, Malibu, Gin, Vodka and Sour Mix. Shake ingredients and pour into shaker (not into glass yet). Pour chambord into bottom of the now empty collins glass. Pour other now shaken ingredients into collins glass which now contains chambord. Pour generous amount of Blue Curacao onto top of drink.

The result should now be a brilliant blueish drink that fades to purple and is very eyecatching and delicious... BIG hit with women AND swarthy cab drivers, but very strong.

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