Monday, June 29, 2009


OK. So today I am at the National Gallery, at 3:30pm, racing through the second floor with Mr. Moose, trying to find the four paintings called "The Voyage of Life" by Thomas Cole - a series of paintings that represent an allegory of the four stages of human life- that used to be on the first floor but now are in gallery #60, for some god-awful reason- before the parking meter expired on the south side of the building at 4 pm. After we found them, we took a moment to wander into the adjoining room so I could ramble on about the fashions depicted in the paintings by late 18th century British painters, and how the French court continued to influence the world even after the Revolution. Mid blab in front of the Gainsbourough and the Reynolds, I thought about Prince Poppycock.

“A Louis XIV confection or occasional Nancy Sinatra-esque chanteur/chanteuse in gold glitter boots with world-class vocal talent. Mr. Quale is a true artist and transforms himself Klaus Nomi style once he graces the stage. Nina Hagen would be proud, as would Diamanda Galas.” -Roy Rogers Oldenkamp for
"Part randy dandy, part rock star, part drunken courtesan, Poppycock instantly owns the audience with but a glance and a wiggle of bedazzled pantaloons, and that’s just the beginning. His operatic prowess, glamourous costumes and ostentatious prose leave not a heart unstirred. A masterpiece of self-transformation, the Prince is also recording artist John Quale, but I’m secretly hoping Poppycock will take over completely one day, to reign supreme in a glittery victory of feathers and gold spandex." I think he is simply divine.

Hummingbird's Tongue
1 oz bananas
1 oz coconut cream
1 oz creme de bananes
1 oz rum\1/2 oz Tia Maria® coffee liqueur
1 oz strawberries
crushed ice
Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooooooth.

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