Monday, August 3, 2009

notes from the cerebral museum - night shift

* when I write "bff" I secretly mean bunny foo foo
* the wagging tail drops like a stone to the floor when he sees the suitcases
* me in one of those ill fitting gowns bring subtle nudges and widened eyes from hit men and hypocrites
* you're not really the lord of darkness, so try not to drown
* your windsong stays on my mind, that, and the time you pooped in the bed
* sorry I didn't tell you about trotsky, little dead shrew or the sleep-talking baby foxes and the marmoset, I didn't think it was important
* the queen of france's earrings and lots of blood on the snow
* love love love plus one? yes, I question everything
* inept blood bringer father figure smug in a lab coat
* notes on a sandal, lasts seasons jimmy choos
* just half a cup please
* demure mystery roses and confessional sweet nothings to an ape in tigger socks, kiss me on the mouth please
* thieving knave nicks kiss, leaves feeling illuminated
* the strange fortunes of fond creatures
* i'm an animal trapped in your hot car, let's make out
* meaningless notes on fridges, this dilemma requires a soundtrack
* mid discussion about when dargelos died and cocteau ran away to marseilles to live among sailors and prostitutes, I swallowed my fortune and had to purge, I didn't know it was a holy water font
* easter salt in valentine wounds circa 1939 leads to bouncing dishes on a regency sofa
* tomorrow's graveyard forage: look for the father of the man that dreamed of wires
* fully expecting speculaas before december 5th, and full guest compliance
* layeth me down in green pastures or I'm going to a robot-making party
* the people that live in the boats in my hair dream of black pony kisses and my yellow mane
* it was becoming golden, dressing a shadow and combing it's hair, for whom do you model? the boston strangler?
* she was just a ghost until she met him, now they're both just demons
* one can't be weeping over schubert all of the time, anton reicha is another story, if only for the irregular time signatures
* watching a colossal youth sleeping outside the chatty cathy caravan with scooby douche
* when we were pretty and took turns with crimpers I burned you hair on purpose because you ruined my barbie makeup head with a marksalot
* we don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time, but the tivo is broken
* medicine administered by a cute doctor is the best medicine, a close second is going to bed in little brown socks with garlic cloves in them
* watching the turkish karaoke talking about how now and again he puts me on parole
* she's half german, half french, has "follow me home hair" and looks exactly like bambi - not surprisingly, looks great in the woods
* leonor fini still gives surreal enfant terrible value
* my hopes of being head gardener at the palace of versailles have been dashed, as I realise I am horribly put off by rose bush scratches. and dirt
* if you hadn't died, you'd be recovering from a black eye, I hope you are at the cosmos cotillion with serena and uncle arthur
* the aging chanteuse droned on, making sounds like a hammer horror cellar door, with only the scent of violette in the air making it bearable
* a heart shaped post-it saying 'no switchy offy' in an apartment in hells kitchenette
* when life gives you lululemons, make lululemonaide- in the downward dog position
Raspberry Long Island Slurpee
1 oz vodka
1 oz rum
1 oz 1800® Tequila
1 oz gin
1 oz triple sec
1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
1 oz Chambord® raspberry liqueur
Put all ingredients in blender with ice cubes, blend and serve with a crazy straw.

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