Friday, March 21, 2008

I want candy

Its Good Friday, that means if you have been good all year, Jesus says today you can start eating the Easter peeps from last year! what? You don't? You haven't? Why deah, the pleasure of year old peeps are like a fine vintage wine, and that's good.

Sometimes I sit and stare off into space for hours. With my eyes half closed, one hand about my throat to support my delicate, stricken head, those around me surely think the look on my face is that of a tortured poet in deep contemplation or that I have sunk into the depths of "Vin Triste"- (It's the same look you see on the faces of children in 19th century photography, too much "Soothing Syrup" - morphine you know. Absolutely stoned to Jesus the lot of them, but mommy had housework to do.) But it is neither, I am usually thinking of the candy that got away.

Discontinued Candy and Gum... A sad sad thing... I remember all of these from my youth.
I wasn't allowed a lot of sweeties as a boy and I remember my Nanny telling me time and time again that it would "Make yo teef fall out!" I am glad I listened but I can't believe these are gone!
Say it isn't so!

10:30 candy bar
Abba-Zaba chocolate
Adams Sour gums
Astro Pops
Bar None by Hershey
Big Time
Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum
Beeman's gum available from time to time.
Ben Hurs
Big Buddy Bubble Gum
Black Cow sucker
Black Jack gum available from time to time.
Bomomo's Turkish Taffy
Bonkers Fruit Chews
Bub's Daddy gum
Butternut candy bar
Candy lipstick (not the one in a plastic case like a Sweetart which is still available)... these were a lipstick candy wrapped in gold paper and cellophane. It was bright red and dissolved in your mouth as you ate it.
Cherry Hump
Chicken Dinner candy bar
Chum gum
Clove gum available from time to time.
Delfa Roll - Danish Ribbon
Denver Sandwich Bar
Dr. Pepper Gum
Fan Tan gum
Flavor Straws
Forever Yours... see Milky Way Midnight
Fortune Bubble Gum
Gatorade Gum
High Noon candy bar
Hollywood candy bar
Ice Cream gum
Lifesavers - Clove, Tangerine, All Sour Flavors, Cinnamon
Lunch Bar
Marathon... see Curly Wurly
Mary Janes, chocolate covered
Mars Bar... see Snickers Almond
Merri Mints
Milkshake candy bar
My Buddy Candy Bar
Now and Later... thriller, bubble gum, mystery mix, rainbow and raspberry flavors. There are still other flavors available...
Oompahs, the new ones by Willy Wonka are not the same
Pal Bubble Gum
PBMax candy bar
Pepsin gum
Pine Brothers Cough Drops
Pom Poms
Powerhouse candy bar
Reed's Candy Rolls
Regal Crown Sours
Reggie Bar
Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Seven-Up... see Sky Bar (has 4 sections instead of 7)
"Spoon Candy"... we are not sure if this is the actual name, but it was a tiny fluted pie dish with soft creamy fruit flavored or chocolate candy and a very small spoon. One person has reported that it was called Bottle Caps... not the current candy by the same name.
Sprint chocolate bar
Sugar Mama
Tootsie Pop drops
Wacky Wafers
Waleco Coconut Bar
Walnut Crush
Wax Mustaches, Harmonicas and Fingernails
Welch's Fudge Bars
Whiz Bar
Yoo-Hoo chocolate bar

I am slipping into a sugar coma just thinking about it!

Let's all close our eyes and drift on to...
Scale ingredients to servings

1/3 oz bourbon whiskey

1/3 oz melon liqueur

1/3 oz cinnamon schnapps

Layer ingredients into a shot glass in this order: Cinnamon Schnapps, Melon Liqueur, Bourbon.
Adult candy... mmmm-mmmm...

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